Further Reduction: 14 Pieces to Get Under $25 Now

There’s nothing I love in this life more than shopping at the further reduction sale. The challenge that never gets old. Questioning, will I score any of the pieces that I have had my eyes on in the price frame that I have put for myself and the piece? because if and when you achieve that, the feeling of victory never leaves this item. Ever.

For that, I have made a list, and yes, I do make sale lists in the sale time and you should too. A list of all the things that I can get with 20 dollars. So here is what I have been surfing for the last months.

This corduroy seafood green skirt is going to feel so fine on anything and makes you add that little Copenhagen style you’ve always wanted to, but never knew how. Since it’s Copenhagen fashion week, you feel the urge in the air! And it’s actually ten dollars, thank you very much.

Still, on Zara, these wide pants with contrasting white cuffs feel so good to wear with a coat from the same color palette. Pair all with a sweater and call it a day. Why would you call it a day? because this pair of pants, my friends, is all the statement you will want to give on any day. Next!

We’ve enjoyed our leopard skirt last summer. And as much as I’m enjoying it right now (it’s 78oF at Jeddah right now, so basically, summer) I want to incorporate this leopard turtleneck to the equation. I can wear them both together! You probably asking yourself right now why on earth I want to wear a turtleneck in 78F. Will because I feel jealous of your layers, K! because sometimes, sometimes, it gets chilly. Ok! I’m not crazy here believe me. I’m a very reasonable person.

Next thing I have is this long green utility Jacket that can be your everyday perfect jacket. Whaaattt, so I can’t help you now put winter outfits together, I’m your friend right! Also, this yellow rain jacket.

I also found this Topshop jacquard pink ruffle dress that is so good to mess and not wear with the aforementioned leopard turtleneck. Still #cphfw talks here.

I then went to The RealReal and saw this Reformation sheer tonic that will look great with black skinny jeans or leggings. Thoughtfully mind the proportions of this look. You can add anything to it or leave it on its own, it will look great with anything you’ll plan for, or throw on.

Oh god, look at this blue Ganni chiffon shirt with a zebra pattern on Yoox that you might be interested in. Totally speaks for itself. I believe it’s great to pair this with, again, the turtleneck. Like playing two wild animals on a particular part of the body. And ohhh, with the wide pants from Zara! Ahhhh! Truly proud of myself. Really.

I also wanted some accessories, who doesn’t? these sunnies looks so trendy, and it’s giving me good signals. And should I get a beanie? I really need to try this one first, but if you want one, its color is so great. What I really love though is that electric blue with beige Pom pom faux fur beanie.

And I don’t think you would not want to view this hooded gilet because the color is just so fine. I found a girl on Instagram wearing a similar one and went crazy over it. Okay, the other one was a taller version Ganni, but I will take that version as well.

Who said that I don’t need a patent red pointed ballet pumps with cross straps to remind me of Alexa Chung?

Why this red knit sweater with a V-deep neck is speaking to me like a piece from Ralph Lauren? Well, you’re not, but that doesn’t mean that you’re not satisfying. Ok, I’m talking to a piece now. I need to chill.

Now, I’m waiting for your list, comment, email it, Dm it. I kinda need it.


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