Futuristic Self


That’s it for me, I won’t argue with the fact that I’m a very basic girl that lives in the most comfortable wear every day but with a twirl of an accessory; a huge jacket, something swag, on fleek or an offing shoes that’s delivered for me from the unicorn land with lots of ruffles and fringes, and slides to be able to slide the rainbow gracefully.

The twirl could be something huge, that would take the whole outfit to a new level, actually to a whole new place, somewhere I never knew existed before, because no one led me to this road before, or showed me that those places even exist, for that, I tried it all myself, experiencing and learning what possibly could be truly cool for me and give that euphoria once I put it on, or that it’s not working for me and start somewhere else, and evolve from all the stops. That’s the journey of cloth for me, it dispatches you to the best version of yourself, and no matter what, you want more of it at some point, you’re never fulfilled or complete and want to experience more, live it more and check more goals off your “Things I have to wear before I die” list.

I wore my best comfortable stage then added the most swag jacket that I have, that goes perfectly with the upcoming rainy weather (we have the best weather now, it’s 23°, don’t envy me) I added the jacket because I wanted more of my look to look more of what I want it to be aaand me to be, get me!!! hehehehe! T-shirts for every day because I hit the point that I know I’m a daily tee person, switched my denim for pinstriped trousers that I neglected the blazer of it and instead wore that swag Marni jacket that I Love just because of the structure of it and how it… reflects!—Light, people, name it. Swag jacket, slim trousers, a tee and slides, if I really think about it, that’s what I want my near futuristic self to look like. Now if you could think of yours, how would it look like?

Paradoxes of casually smart with swag and ugly Birken to just confuse the eyes and slide that rainbow, check.

Jacket: Marni, Trousers: Zara, Slides: Birkenstock.

marni jacketmarni jacketmarni jacket


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