Last month I was talking about flowers and how I really want to plant some, so my dreams were carried away with the idea and got from just a flower to a whole greenhouse, (Is it a bad or a good thing to get carried away like that?) People… I want to plant a garden.
I mean I’m not planning to planting a garden at this certain moment, but it’s in the same big, ultimate -so many time mentioned- dream of having a small farm, 2 cows, a garden to plant my own food, of course you must have a greenhouse Passant, ah and if you could master how to make some cheese that would be The Life! and my dreams don’t just come in my head and stay there, my head and laptop are two working unseparated forces, some would execute and some would go in the back of my head and some stay there forever till I reach them.

So after some planting tutorials (I really still don’t get it completely —searching how to plant a garden is not as easy as searching for the whole achieve of Celiné for example— the last time I plant a thing was in my 5th grade or some, and I even can’t remember what was it, it was some sort of white beans that grew so fast!), still not getting anywhere, I was shifted to the greenhouses, and how remarkable some of it out there, and how the design makes me do some ohhs and ahhs through scrolling, the whole glasses and steel architecture and how the light plays with it, making the most amazing shadows and highlights with the plants over the ground and each others, new layers of shadows and new dimensions of it that no other thing could do, the exotic plants, the palms and tress, the kinds of flowers, it’s just like a small jungle, your own designed one.

I’ve never ever designed a greenhouse in my 5 years of designing educational life, not even anyone mention it in front of me, sure I did some amazing landscapes and it was one of my favorite things to design but never ever a greenhouse name passed in front of me, maybe because it’s easy to do a small one (not easy at all, there’s some serious mechanism behind it), and maybe because we don’t have those sort of houses around the city as well, though I think you could find them more around the Nile if only I searched harder.

So my mind flipped over this thought and got a browsing power of how to build your own, the kits, the needs, the plants, every famous greenhouse in Netherlands and England, and the story behind it… and all of that started with me wanting to plant one flower to smell and touch every morning, and I didn’t even get to the part where I talk about the anticipation that come along the whole process. It’s amazing how to make other things live by you, and you live through it, your ability to make something like that is really taking for granted, you made that, you’d transform a desert to a beautiful garden, that transformation, to create the life that you want, that’s living…

That said, I’m still so dumb and struggling about planting a flower, what’s the conditions for planting some, oh I want some exotic plants too, so rustic natural place, it’d be my corner of simple dream, I feel over joy in companion with lost and silliness with the whole thing, it’s like a new invention for me, but I need to know where to begin, starting with a little talk with the florist on my street I guess, and the flower that I wanted in the first place.

So I have to wonder, Do you get carried away by interest in something that much!?

And Have you ever plant something? Any tips for planting a garden!! —Dreams do come true, and Plaehhhaaseee especially in flowers, and ohh yea I want to plant some herbs as well! how I’m gonna do all of that!!!!!??

Image courtesy: The Garden Edit. (Kew Garden)


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