Girls Crush at Chanel Pre

A Huge crush on some girls from the thousand night and night (Chanel cruise collection). It was at Dubai yaaayyy, I wasn’t there, Duh, next time I’ll convince Karl to make it in Egypt, not a big deal at all, but lets talk about the girls that went there, not any girls, shall we…

 Rock it like Carine Roitfeld: :The dress tonic who resemble that she’s is really in Dubai but still with the touch of “Carine” that we see in the tweed Chanel jacket around her waist and the glittery heels that give me that contrast of cool but still in theme of the space.
 Layer till you drop: I feel very Arabic bohemian look in this images but in a very cool clean way, There is a thin line between someone who’s dress up to do photo shoot with a bohemian look in the desert and someone who attend the Chanel cruise show but felt the bohemian in the air with the elegance of Chanel. So just grab every single necklace in your wardrobe. No let me rephrase that, grab the pearls and the silver together, maybe the gold with the silver together, or the pearls and the gold but make sure that the color of the gold is light you know… okay we need a whole post for this one.
 “Ya gbal mayhzak ree7” (as we say it in Arabic,means: unshakable mountain by the wind), Ms. Alt everybody: Nothing can beats a woman who works in the fashion industry and get access to every piece still don’t get manipulated by anything and maintain her signature look no matter what, no matter where she go, or whom to meet, honestly I don’t know how she do that! I think that took years (and because she’s french) but that’s what I call cool in the core.



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