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Accessories for me, is for someone who has it all together, that’s what I feel when I see someone fully accessorized. My mind goes like wooaaah she took the time, not only for her skin routine at morning, but to pick something to wear to speak for her, and also to add those details that speak louder than anything else— translation always: I have my shitiest shit together.

I on the other hand, always forget to speak that language, always in a hurry and if I washed my face at morning I feel like my shit all together! But no, this is another level of taking control, this my lady is, the details power. You know my feelings for details.

I purchased these Indian bracelets from a local store last week and wore them the first time here, and becuase I don’t believe the price of it— $ 2.5 for both bracelets— I decided to give them a perfect frame because they deserve it. The beauty of it and the price make me reminisce the times when my English Pakistani teacher used to shower me with colorful bracelets everytime my mom come and take me from her house, they were close friends and she was nicer when my mom is around, of course, she can’t be that nice when I misspell elephant seven times. But she was a damn fine lady to me.

While the feeling overwhelmed me, I found my gold necklace in my mom’s drawer, I never took off this necklace until white gold was officially the new trend. I remember every pendant and when exactly I added them to my collection. Like that letter B I got as a gift when I was born and resembled my first letter on my name Bassant, that I changed later to become “Passant” because it sounded better to my ears.

There were also another piece that I opened my eyes to see in my ears, a small hoop earrings with a very small turquoise stone that I can not erase from my memory as the best hoop earning I’ve ever worn, If I designed a collection of earrings one day, that would be the main concept of it, hoops with stones that simple.

Don’t you ever think that your style remains the same with just small adjustments? you hustle here and there but the core is still the same. I think that’s my case with accessories. or old is always gold? The most golden to us?


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