Yea yea it’s just me playing at Zara (I know I mention it a lot, but its one of the stores, no one of the Few stores in Egypt that satisfies me perfectly with good clothes, simple as that.) Found the pic on my phone as I took it in mid winter, and the story behind this pic goes like me find the perfect coat at a low budget (not that low too), here I wore it with my perfectly mall outfit — sweat pants, white t-shirt and a sweater. At the end, I got home with the idea of waiting the sales to get the perfect coat, you see that’s my problem right here >> dying to have a thing, making it my main issue in my life like its essential and I can imagine wearing it in a million different way and my wardrobe will sink without it, seriously, not kidding! Waiting for the sales, can’t find the piece, or find it in a different size and the last piece which drives me insaaaane.
Count how many dreams didn’t come to life because of this idea.

Oh dear god… #brainstorming.

But now I have this new dream! of having a light loose trench coat for spring, well its an old dream, in fact last spring I dreamt about the idea of having one like this but in white, but I love this one more (see, Zara always makes my dreams come true)…
So should I get it now, or make it another dream on my _Gone with the wind_ board?
Look look here’s the new one, good eh!?

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