I’m in the mood for gray jeans and let tell you something, it equals the same difficulty of finding a good blue pair, why people!? why it’s that hard, I’m mean I searched for good one with a good price, nothing found, I tried to get some inspirations from street style to pick my shit again and redo the searching, still it’s so hard, i don’t see a lot of people wearing gray jeans…

It’s like searching for an A line mini skirt in the middle of winter! actually found that, still no gray jeans on the streets these days.

Well I see some, but there’s something stop me from getting inspired by it every time, whether its color, shape, fit, how it’s styled, plus there’s not that much really.

So do you have a great image of gray jeans that popping out of your head right now? well, if that so, why don’t you show it to me because I’m in need for that right now!

Image via Style du monde Instagram knowing that it’s a 35 weeks old image. Yes.



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