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Put Clips in Your Hair and Call It a Day

A trend I will go for

You have seen it, I have seen it, I liked it enough to pay attention to my inner child and start wearing plastic on my hair again. It’s pretty to fill the girl inside of you with joy and chic for a professional look.

I can recall my ten years old self so happy picking the yellow filled-with gel- Tweety set in one of those pre-holiday preparation evenings—the design I will go for if I did my own clips. The set of three included a headband, a bow clip, and a bracelet. All had a tiny twenty yellow body on top of it when Tweety was hip. Filled with the gel color of your choice; yellow, green or orange to match with your outfit (surely will do more color options).

I remember my look in particular because I couldn’t believe how this accessories set was made especially for it. An electric blue tee with a plastic tweety on one side and black handwriting font on the other, matched with canary yellow corduroy straight pants; and a full-body tweety backpack that I got from WP original store. Where I can remember every little detail of it because I dreamt of having it all and after a few years the shop was closed, and I never saw it again nor got it all.

At this time, Tweety was my favorite character to watch, wear and draw. Until I found out that she was a he.

WP characters were the influence back then, and I thought my set was the match made in heaven. I choose the yellow gel set — a minimalistic approach in the most maximalist way. At this time, Tweety was my favorite character to watch, wear and draw. Until I found out that she was a he.

I can’t find similar accessories set to this one today (that why I’m going to make it one day). That doesn’t mean I quit loving clips and headbands. Nowadays, It’s a journey of mine to go to a 5SR store (like a one dollar huge store) and swim in cute jaw clips ocean.

We called hair ornament trends cool back in the days. Today we call it quirky to justify our reasons for wearing stuff like that at our age. Gucci, Valet Studio, Gevir, KanelThe Outlier Standard and Neophyte make the best quirky cool hair accessories. You can wear it all at once and take the famous Instagram shot and be like a reasonable adult. Or wear like… three of them for a childlike approach. Which is always better.

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