Rodarte Fashion Show Ready to Wear Collection Spring Summer 2016 in New York

Hello hello, how’s fashion week going with you all!!!? Me, I spend my whole time on Instagram, illustrating (yes, it began with calligraphy then I started to get really excited from the shows so I spent more times on the every image I upload, FUN!)

One of the best trends that I really liked but I’ve some points on it there is hair jewelry, and I may not be the one who will wear it everyday, but I’m in for it for a special occasion… Okay maybe one day of the week —imagining myself with a messy hair, shirt half unbuttoned/half in-half out, skinny jeans and big sunglasses to cover my -fu*k-off-I’m-still-sleep-face- but I didn’t forget to add my little piece with such dimensional care even if the whole look doesn’t say so, because I’m effortless Parisian woman bear.

Hair Jewels

On the other hand, I really talked about hair because I feel my hair more than anything these days, like I wanna change it, I need change, and maybe with a piece of jewelry or a new crazy cut —thinking Caroline de Maigret bangs… yes yes we’re going there again, you’re my friends and you’ve to support me!!!!— or even a new color! Yes. I’m saying color, from someone who’ve never dyed her hair, ok maybe highlighted one strand of it back in high school, god I was cool. I’m seriously thinking color, advice!?

How would you change you hair? Is just hair jewels are more than enough for you to feel the change, or you need more, like moi, still, loving the trend.


Images via NOWFASHION and Instagram, Shows: Rodarte and Marc Jacobs.

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