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Have Some Mind Control, Woman.

I told you about my sweet night time secret of watching GG these days and before any judging or reading further, promise that you’ll bare with me because I have a point to make.

Whaatt!!!! It’s just a Chuck phase… and now I feel like a teenager, thanks for opening my eyes.

Anyway, the point is I was watching this one episode yesterday night (that led into four, I don’t know where I find the time for this shit!). It was the episode when Dan… Oh, Daann…

A break here, please, I mean his Dan (he’ll always be Dan lol) right like Ok, then I discovered his music… would you please just… I mean, I’m listening to it right now for two weeks in a row now and we have to share the moment, listen to the music.

BACK TO OUR POINT! When Dan published his book, The Outsider, the episode of Blair’s wedding shower, when Dan and Chuck hanged together and I wanted to be with them at the Empire, then Dan started to ramble about how S didn’t invite him to B’s shower party, how she wanted him to be an outsider. Chuck, fully stoned told him and I copy with fake deep voice; “Have you ever thought it might be your own fault?”,” Humphrey, you wrote an entire novel about being an outsider.”
“It’s how you define yourself.”
“But if that’s not who you wanna be anymore, the only person who can change that is you.”

I paused here in shock wondering.

What if my feelings as an outsider about my entire life are the reason that I never reached what I wanted in this life at this moment?

An Arab woman who lives in the third world, struggling to make a name in the fashion world. Whom I know you can label much more than just these 15 words.

Did I believe those words and crossed my heart on it!? I never defined myself like that but the community sometimes makes you feel like it’s a real shame to be one.

Which is absolutely fucking not.

While I’m contemplating with you right now, I believe I do that in every different aspect of my life as well, I let the community and my mind convincing me with stuff I don’t believe in and start to surrender to it. I’m a true believer of the mind power over you/ the world, how I acknowledge that but never consciously act upon it,

Do you feel that sometime? All the time?

Do you try to change it? Your mind?

I was recently reading a book about self-development describing the power of making anything you want to achieve— a thought, that a man can form, create and impress upon formless substance can cause the things he thinks about to be created while holding a clear define mental image of the things he wishes to have, to do, or to become.

While the majority of us can recall they’ve read something like that and felt excited about it for a while, my mind was absolutely vague, because of how I thought people perceived me. And when myself recognized it, why the hell I didn’t get my ass off to change the absolute fiction I started to believe?

We feel vulnerable, not able to deny the power of our minds upon us, we refer to it as burnouts sometimes, being hard on ourselves on other, we never deem that you are in charge, not your mind, it’s you who can change it now.

That’s why I, you, my friend need some mind control. Yep, mind control. because without it, I feel self-suffocation.

Do you think it’s easy?

What I’m writing now is for me before you, it’s like the notes I’d like to keep forever to see how my thought provoked me when I was in the twenty-something shitty greattt phase. I never really talked about mind control when actually, every lifestyle topic I discuss here relate to it, and I don’t care if that would show my vulnerability as long as I’m experiencing it, getting something out of it, practice and EVOLVE.

I want to change that perspective my mind attend myself to believe, I want to make some mind control, starting with fixating my mind on that
Stop the looping stress

It never ends, it’s like you’re on a roller coaster that you tipped the man all what you have to ride it for life. It’s a dreadful ride that won’t get you anywhere, in fact, it’s far from what you want to achieve, from your vision.

Realize what you want to become

Your vision should in front of you every moment, it’s unshakable, start with knowing what you want to do, have it framed, build this picture with layers, details every day. Like one day, Me and Miuccia Prada will have intimate dinner and talk deep and exchange thoughts. Dries will join after his show as well. That will happen.

Then act

The vision is great but not alone, what’s you action for achieving that, simply hard work, but you love it, because you know the happy ending, you’re eager for challenge, you know it won’t be easy because nothing is, and you’re willing to make your full force into it, mentally and with your creations. You. Create.

You look like yourself, only.

Don’t compete. I’m confessing that I did that several times, A lot, which leads to nothing, sometimes you love a person mind so much that you start unconsciously imitate I get that. But you have to do you, you are you and if you don’t know who is this person is then start shaping it, searching for it, start building your beliefs until you have a defined unshakable self. Keep in mind that you build, you’re always growing to establish those beliefs to be who you wanna be. That’s when you can vision and have a purpose.

Stay focused on the present

We neither looks at all the mistakes we’ve done in the past or the bright future that we want to accomplish, you have to be right now at this moment to accomplish that future you’re thinking about, you can’t make your future with concentrating on your present, every moment of it, each day give it GIVE IT ALL and hustle.

Have hope

Yes, this hope that you without feel like a lost puppy, it’s a simple word we all lettering, quoting but never actually do, practice it every day, never forget who you are, be grateful for what you become, because soon, very soon, your vision will be real— A woman who can make the change.


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