Hello Adele, you’ve been missed.

She’s back strong, like saying hello to us, and yes, yes, I cried when I heard the song —on repeatuglycrying, and god only knows what I’ll do with a full album!

Adele never disappoints me, she knows what she’s doing and I don’t believe that she’s just 27, I’m talking real voice and real songs that will strike you in instantly from nowhere, even if the song not related to you, you’ll feel like it’s the main reason of your living! like any song is Tohhtallllyyy meeeh, crazy!

The first Hello, how she says it, when you’ll hear it, whatever you’re doing that moment just become blank for you, the only thing that you’ll feel that you’ve heard that Hello and had said it many times before, same place and same time return in a flash and you see yourself as the sorry receiver onetime and as the fucker on another.

So yea, I’m waiting for Nov.20 (full album release time) like it’s the end of the world.

And Tristan Wilds is her lover, like C’mon! #Where’sMyLine

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