I just love henna tattoo, it’s in our culture, we’re always going for the contemporary lifestyle, but the more South you go in Egypt, the more you’ll find people attached to their culture and want nothing more, Aswan’s one of the best cities where they do henna drawing, the best in particular are Nubian people, and that where the henna girl who drew me is from, so you can see where I’m going here…

I only see henna now at henna parties, it’s like the bachelorette parties before the weddings, and because I’m still at the wedding season, yes it’s just doesn’t end, this time, and when the bride asked me if I know any henna girl for her party, I contact that girl, who I knew from another party and loved her work ever since.

I was amazed by the girl herself, she’s an interior designer, lived in the US with her husband but when she came back she opened a gallery and now designs a lot of Nubian pieces and have a bazaar, so she really know what she’s doing here. So when she came, I asked her to lose her self in the draw, I just wished for something more authentic and that’s what she did, she did this drawing with the letter (ب) in Arabic all around it (P in English), and when I saw it i was overwhelmed by the details, here’s the full look of it:


I love the thickness of it which is pretty different from a permanent tattoo drawing, because she’s not drawing with a needle, it’s just a small bag cut at the tip, so it’s not that easy to make that much details with that.

When it comes to permanent tattooing, I can’t make a commitment to such a thing, in the matter of fact I don’t like permanent tattoos, and I never thought about doing it, how could you live with one drawing or a symbol your whole life!? So instead, I’ll have a million henna tattoos thank you very much.


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