Hey… It’s PorschA*!

True story>> I was chilling with my bestie having our… “brunch” (yea, and we literally had lunch half hour after that, aha), when I saw this car on the other side of the road, and I was like:
Me: Mar, check this… Do you think what I’m thinking?

Mar: What? yea it’s a damn one, lets go.
Me: Okay, Are we gonna leave our stuff here? (laptop and bags, with a lot of cash duh!).
Mar: Yea, we don’t have that much anyway.
Me: Right, lets go.
We crossed the street, holding the camera, don’t really know what we’re doing, you see, she’s not a photographer, and I’m not that pro, but i wanted that raw black and white images, (well black and silver), and with my instructions, she did well, and I really like it, I did some editing and i know it’s not that perfect, but i’m happy with the results, still learning guys! The car and the pole is what I wanted, and it looks goood, so thanks Mar! Kisses.

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