Holiday Party Outfit: Sequins!


I’m making a case for sequins this holiday season.

I love sequins, and despite of it’s becoming a fabric that can be incorporated in a daylight outfit now, I’m on of the girls that only wears it on special occasions and evening wear, but if one day I saw myself as Carrie Bradshaw then I’ll wear it everyday damn sure.

While everyone else refuses to be sparkly this season, or any holiday season, It’ll be double glamour for me and wear sequins because really, what’s better than wearing sequins at the holidays and be completely cliché, seriously? I’ve chosen the holiday party outfit to include sequins (metallic sequins —CHIC) because of a various reasons actually:

  1. I have the right to go overboard and look like a disco ball.
  2.  Everyone at least has one piece of sequins in their wardrobes, and been waiting for this second since last year to wear it, Including moi, for the very first time it’ll be the right party, place and time to shine, with no rules!!!
  3.  I may attend 3 to 4 parties (and I may not), so at least on one of them I will be wearing sequins, the others will contain some sparkle on other parts of my body —and will include velvet, because it’s the FREKIN’ ULTIMATE SEASON TO BE A BALL OF GLITTER AND CELEBRATE LIFE!
  4.  Not wearing sequins in holidays is just like you’ve gone to the beach without jumping in the water! Ok, let me rephrase it, not even testing the water, plain, stupid and not fun!

So if you won’t wear sequins in this time of the year, when on earth will you!? Case closed. Enjoy my love for shooting some sequins and the best cool sequins outfit to survive holidays looking like A Cool disco ball.

So are you wearing sequins everyday and doesn’t matter to wear it on holidays? In that case what will your holiday party outfit be!?



holiday party outfit

holiday party outfit

holiday party outfit

Models’ Images: Zara and Pinterest. 


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