Holiday Season Girls

The Christmas holiday is gone, you’re probably fat today sitting there regretting every extra bite you ate since your mind said to you “you’ve had enough”, regretting every political conversation you’ve entered with a member of your family, because if this holiday was going any good, that ‘s only made it worst, and you’re most and for all broke from all the gifts you grabbed at last minute because you just grabbed whatever you could get your hands on before heading to your family. Drama drama drama.

That’s a lot of loss in one week, and that’s exactly why all the shops right after the Christmas day got you like “oh, you want to feel secure!? don’t you worry I got you covered, all my products are on sale now only for you to purchase”, like that would help or convince anyone?

But sometimes it’s not about that, it’s about let’s say you really had the time of your life this holiday or you really fucked up this holiday with your family and you just want to breathe alone when you get back to your city, you suddenly want your life back and you still smiling to those festive lights, you just want to indulge in that festive atmosphere because you’re not done with it. You just took the day off and spending it on your couch trying to process what happened this holiday, and maybe maybe gift yourself because, after this weekend, you pretty much deserve it anyway.

Still, you don’t look at the high-end fashion here, you will settle be more than happy with the retail stores, you can prove to yourself, the world now that you’re capable of styling anything to be yours, it’s a game for you, you want to step in, win this game, a look that you could wear on… new years eve? Every day until march? Without losing much money.

See how they got me after all. DAMN IT.

For that, I’m sifting Zara, then Mango and Topshop for the best items that on budget afterrr sale. Shall we begin the brainstorm of the best pieces you find out there, what girl would you want to be these days!? Think fast think fastttt!

The kwel business woman

She played hard on the holiday and now back to business. Everybody in the street looking at her thinking that’s she absolutely works in fashion, in the matter of fact she’s a lawyer. She wears layers of a green clean body suit and a red sweater with a zip to block it, layer it with a pinstripe long blazer, with relaxed fit jeans that are distressed from the hem (if you want to DIY) and wrapping it all with a suede pointy pink mid-high heels that looks exactly like a pair from Céline, she knows and don’t care.

Christmas to the New Years Eve are the holidays

You don’t believe in cutting your holidays season between Christmas and the NYE, that’s why you already took this period off to enjoy, celebrate the end of this year, getting free stuff is something happens to you often because you’re happy about life and what life brings you! That’s why you’re wearing sequins since day one, and you’ll be waking up in sequin on the 1st of 2017, heading to your work late with the same look because simply there’s no time to change. You throw your coat on top of your dress and that made it only more convenient that you partied hard last night, you also know that but you don’t care.

For probably just thought of what I’m thinking, this cropped gold top ruffle is coming from space, the answer is yes, you and I will wear it with velvet pants, just like in pictures and layer underneath something like this body with frilled sleeves, body because I’m freaking out right now because that would be the last day that I’m allowed to wear all of that in one look with an excuse. IT’S THE NYFE!

Did I just look like a gold cylinder with decoration and textures shaped in a human body?? Good. I meant to.

sparingly militarian

We’re not in spring and that’s the best time to wear flowers all over your body, I’m a victim of this trend if you wear it right, not all in one, but one piece will blossom your whole day, look. you’ll be my hero if you break the springy effect with something Rock-n-Roll-y, which bring us to…

All winter rocking girl

Forget about your hair now, or you can add it to the equation whatever, but add lamé yes lamé instead, and anything patent, you’ll feel the rock from inside because you included those garments into your look, wait should I wear leggings underneath this metallic skirt!? ok, picture it with me, the metallic mini skirt with black basic leggings, oh sheer leggings, the lamé golden shirt, and the slingback shoe?? Pointy boots? add the coat, your hair tucked, add the fedora… Who runs the world now!? You and YOU and YOUHH!!

That was only Zara, Now for the Topshop and Mango edition, It wasn’t like Zara but the prices is better! More for you, and moreee for you!



Now tell me Which one would you be this season, this day, right now!?


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