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How to Build the Perfect Bar Cart At-Home

My happy hour is when I prepare coffee. One of the things I love to do every morning is doing whatever type of coffee I want. A flat white, a cup of cappuccino are my top options. But the options are endless really. I stopped buying coffee so long ago and decided to do a coffee bar in a corner of my place. With a quick click of a button, I try new recipes, new coffee beans, and learn more about this world. And, in these tough times, I’m trying to expand my opportunities when it comes to coffee space. Renovate it and enjoy new items to match my set. If you’re a coffee lover who can’t wake up without this addicting cup (no more than three though), you can build a coffee bar at home easily. It doesn’t need much work or a large space. First:

Find a spot

A good at-home coffee bar starts with finding the right spot. If you have a spot in the kitchen, it would be great. If you want it in your new at-home office—this is where mine is—it would be reasonable. And if you don’t have a counter to assemble the coffee bar at it, a bar cart would be a perfect option, or some shelves, or an Ikea four sections shelving unit, or even this minimal table you can stock all the things you will use beautifully it.

Bring on the heavy machine

To get the right coffee maker for you, ask yourself; what is my usual drink? Find a machine that will prepare your most beloved drinks. Use a full pot drip coffee maker or a single-serve machine. Read reviews and invest in one of them. I picked the best machines here, and you can find one that suits your budget and needs. If you don’t like the process of preparing a cup of coffee, which I enjoy very much, buy a capsule coffee system machine.

Build the space

Think of what you love to showcase and use while making your favorite morning drink. Bring some organizers such as trays or baskets to section the space nicely. See how many sections do you need. Do you need one for coffee beans? do you also drink tea and want a storage box? a coffee pod holder? What is your coffee adds? creamer, cinnamon, cocoa, or a kind of syrup? And maybe you like to have your coffee with an oat cookie or something, right! Glass containers will be helpful for sugar, cookies, marshmallow, and spices. Depending on your preference, get the tools you most need to create your space.

Have a favorite mug/ a glass set

Glassware and mugs for your favorite cup of coffee are essentials. There are variations of styles to choose from. Choose a type based on your drink preference. Like a set of glass for lattes to invite your friends (hopefully very soon) or a visage mug to start your day with. Organize it all nicely using a tray while still keeping them within reach for that delicious morning jolt.


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