homemade natural hair mask for wavy hair

I Have Put This Natural Mask on my Curly Hair and the Results Were Shocking

I finally see hope in this relationship.

Dull, dry and frizzy are issues I face with my hair when we go to couples therapy. If my hair speaks out its issues with me, it would say the lack of care, maintenance, and support in the rough times. So here I am, trying to do my part because what I know is this, it won’t give me what I want until I give it all. Happy that we’re at least clear about this.

I remember when we were happy together years ago. Understood each other that if we faced a problem we could solve without compromising any feelings in the way. I was a happy 13 years old kid back then that had someone who constantly knew how to give this relationship a healthy condition. It was the time of our life! Those people knew the foundation of this relationship and their attempt to make it work between us was deliberating. Their routine was far away from simple but gave the best results for me and my hair.

The routine was natural most of the times. The ingredients were simple and always on the reach. My hair loved it and I haven’t had any issues with what all of it felt on top of my head. A homemade treatment “Yougurt+honey+egg” was one of the magic rituals. That I still believe made my hair the way it is today, full and long. I thought I should get back to what used to work. Let my guard down and give it all a chance. The treatment is already proven to give the best results in this relationship, so what the hell am I waiting for?

I got the stuff from the fridge and found a ripped banana on my way out of the kitchen. For someone like me who doesn’t want anything involved with oils on my hair, these ingredients, believe it or not, was bearable for me. I mixed the ingredients in the blender (1 ripped banna+1egg+ 1cup yougurt+2tb honey). It was my first time to put a banana on my head, and it gave a good smell to the mix as I applied it from roots to the ends. I sat with the hair mask for 30 minutes, after 5 minutes you kinda forget about it and your hair start to take it all in.

The washing process was dreadful for me. But I kept reminding myself that I have to give this relationship the care it needed. After I washed the mask with Shampoo (regular shampoo), I didn’t feel the need for a conditioner. For all my life, I never not wanted a conditioner. I felt the hydration instantly. My hair for the first time in a long time was soft, hydrated and moist from within. It was less frizzy and the waves were defined. The image is without any styling products, I just braided my hair and let it air dry. When I let it loose, I got a very conditioned, smooth and soft locks. A hair I want to touch and feel again. Finally, I can raise a glass for a promising future between the two of us.

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