Honoring Myself By Doing A Printable Self-Care List

You know how you can overthink your work life that you forget about yourself in general. Working in front of my laptop most of my days to edit some pictures of looks I took all at once on one day. Doing the fashionable task wearing a very non-fashionable hair claw, and two different sets of PJs at 3 PM. Now if that’s not life paradoxes at its essence, I don’t know what is.

But sometimes a fail paradox makes you question more. Is it either/or situation? Either you’re working on your laptop on a comfy couch looking like a used mop or looking beautifully put together most of your days doing nothing but working on that look? Or instead of being a desperate housewife who takes care of every inch and everyone in her home but her personal well being and appearance?

I’m doing it for myself. I’m not putting my life to waste for the sake of working behind a screen most of the time to only get burnout and a mental breakdown at the end of the week, sob for how unwillingly things got out of hand.

This paper got me to see all blessings in one place, doing my thang for me, only me. The small additions to your everyday life are very VERY rewarding to raise the level of your consciousness about that matter. Our excuse is always like, but I don’t have free time on my hand… please, you know you do, you just chose to f* with your mind on it, or vice versa.

So that’s why I have to be here, present, fully committed to taking care of myself. This is what I chose, to focus on myself, and I’m fully responsible and conscious about it. This is what I know I need to have the life that I’ve always dreamed of. I believe it’s NOT either/or life when you play it by your own rules.

I don’t remember who said this quote in one of Oprah’s old episodes “You are good enough. Your job is to honor that.” I never forget it, and here I am working on it, honor it.

A Free Printable Self-Care List

The list I wrote on the main image is very general because this is the self-care routine I felt doing on this day. Some days it goes intense and personal, but I’ll keep these for myself. The thoughts/habits/beliefs that I must let go for myself’s sake was so terrifying for me to put on paper, but once I took the decision to write it down, I couldn’t stop.

But for example, my last weekend list was like:

You can download and print this list as many as you want (I mean the empty version of it), and let me know how it goes for you.
*I have colorful + black & white lists for you to choose from.
*Print multiple pages to continue your self-care routine.
*Print it and stick to your fridge or mood board to remind yourself with it.
* You can type in your list and save on your desktop.

This list is best printed on A4 paper.

Note. This is a printable purchase, no physical list will be sent. Once you have subscribed, a confirmation email will be sent through with a link to download. If you don’t receive an email, check in your Junk Folder otherwise email me so I can send you the file personally.

Please note this download is for personal use only. Any reproduction not for personal use or for sale will be infringing on the copyright law.

Ps: The crumb on the plate is from a cake I was eating.

This illustration is a replicate of Ed Hodgkinson illustration in a more Matisse feel. I did it a while ago, and I thought this is a perfect place for it. 

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