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How Do You Wear Denim in Summer

Summer is all about comfort, easy relaxed outfits that you don’t really have to think about when you put it on and just go in peace, one of those easy stuff to wear all year long is denim, but have you consider denim easy peasy at summer?

Because when I really think about it, I consider it a heavy garment to wear in hot weather, I rather think cotton, dresses, skirts, however, it’s still my number one choice in summer, crazy! maybe because its my ultimate wardrobe favorite, goes with everything and I don’t really have to think about matching it with anything, it’s that raw ingredient that you put on, put all the seasons with it and it exuded differently with every look… just like chicken!

Denim is just like chicken, and my job now is to play with that chicken to give me different flavors, like:

how do you wear denim in summer 1Culottes:

Never underestimate the easiness of the culottes, it’s comfy with a shape that you can dance on —I mean look at her!— and I can’t ignore Her (First image) with the ingredients that she added, the white shirt and the yellow sneaks, her hair is the pepper of this recipe, period. I call this one: Curried chicken. Shop similar here.

denim skirtMid-lenght Skirts:

When I really think myself as a free spirit that —can do anything, and everything just doesn’t matter is my motto— I go 70’s, mid-lenght A line denim skirt, white shirt and some boots don’t care, I can go to a meeting at morning then to a disco at night, who cares really! I call that one: Classic roasted chicken. Shop similar here.

denim skirtMini Skirts:

Is for when I try to be a model. I’m frankly not and never will be, but the fact that one piece could give you that feeling, hell yea, I want one, with that vintage feeling into it —I don’t know why I feel vintage and bohemian all the time!— walking the streets feeling like a YSL girl with this mini front buttoned denim skirt, Slaaaay. Call that one: BBQ chicken party followed by campfire Smore’s. Shop similar here.


It’s that something that when you wear, you don’t know whether you’re in trend or you have a vintage style, but having a vintage touch is also a trend in some cases, it’s both, it’s about the cut and the shape of it, think white shirt, easy beige mini skirt and sneaks, you want more!? I call this one: Chicken with butter and rosemary. Shop Similar here.

6688223434_2_3_1Frayed jeans:

Even if I said that I don’t wanna wear jeans at summer I still do most of the times, and jeans with frayed hem is sort of trend, we all get it, but we all still wanna have it, I already thought about a couple of old jeans that I’ll DIY like that, not because just it looks trendy, but I still wanna send that I don’t give a shit about anything in this world, easy as that character to the recipient, still, he’ll like it (See how I don’t give a shit), for me it doesn’t need anything other than a white T-shirt and slides, sorry no bags this time. I call this one: Fried chicken (it’s the I don’t care to be fat chicken).


You said you want to wear dresses that summer right!? I’m talking to my mind who doesn’t like anything, now it’ll shut up for how a denim dress could really look cool and chic, In fact he’s thinking this: Denim dress, your wild curly hair, scarf at your ankle and slides.

I’ll agree. I call this one: Chicken potpie.

Shades of Denim:

This one supposes to be the ultimate outfit. I’m always amazed by two or three shades of denim I could find on one look on the streets, it gives me goosebumps how crazy cool it looks, we all have different denim pieces and we tend to forget to wear them together, it transforms, it’s not just denim anymore, it shapes to different dimension, I speak volumes and depth. I call this one:
Chicken roll-ups with goat cheese, prosciutto and arugula. Bon appetite!

So How do you wear denim in summer? What’s your favorite recipe!? Any new one? It’s the chicken we’re talking about! Give it all!

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