How much makeup

How much makeup?

When I was having launch with my friends at this café yesterday, I couldn’t help but notice something —despite that everyone is wonderfully trying -so hard- to discover themselves through their style— makeup was definitely not left behind, it was really there big time and I could see it from a distance, (foundation all over the face then compact powder to set everything, let’s make the eyes popping, structured face, defined lips and eyebrows, and don’t forget the rosy cheeks, BOOM!), which made me think, how much makeup is too much? And I’m not talking hard work but effortless makeup look, it was just too much for me nonetheless the place we’re in, Is it because I really had just black smudgy eyes from the night before that made me feel like I’ve a naked face!? even if what I saw is not my standards when it comes to makeup, okaaay, fine, If I thought about it maybe I would’ve add some bronzing powder, but that’s really it for me, it’s morning time and I’m feeling free and clean in a bare face, K! It’s right for the place I went to, I mean, I’m not going to the gala or something. #MyCleverMindTalk. #YoureMeanDude.

I think that makeup is something you wear to complement your face, I became more aware of what I put on my face daily now, adding to that there’s a whole outfit and a complicated hair on top of your head, how to frame it all in on picture that speaks You is what you need to approach, but not to override your basic structure using every single product you ever bought in one hell of a cafe gathering! Still, it’s how you represent yourself to the world and I don’t have a problem with it. but you know me when I wonder…

Does the time and the place defines how much makeup you’d wear? How much is too much for a regular launch meeting?

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