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How To Be Parisian Book

How to be Parisian. It was September 2nd when the book was out in the US (See! September always a good hell of a month). The book french bible by Caroline de Maigert, Anne Berest, Audry Diwan and Sophie Mas, Oui oui, four french powerful women who will take you to the world of the Parisian girl, we all want to be Parisian for a while now, that’s your chance to learn the love, style and the bad habits of a Parisian woman wherever you are, we can all dream and be driven to this mood.From what I see already, and yes I only have the #howtobeparsian on Instagram, and the IG of the book, it’s really impressive from page one, it’s like every time I read a line i say uhhh that’s meeee, I know it, I’m french to the core. I can’t wait to get my hands on one, I think I’ll order one online cause if i waited to be out in Egypt, then I’ll wait forever. And if your french or in Paris already, I envy you, mark your calendar on September 16th, there will be a book signing at Colette from 6-10pm, I do really envy you, I really do.

Note to self: I’m really proud to be an Egyptian woman but I really do believe that I have this french attitude and bad habits that I love and everybody else hate. It’s not about wanting to be french or Parisian, it’s just an ultimate love and admiration for the city and the powerful french women, it’s all in the attitude,

Images: Instgram #Howtobeparisian.
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