Thakoon fall 16

How to do Fall from Thakoon

Thakoon fall 16 was one of these shows that you want to see more of it. You know this kind of shows that grab your attention, just because you feel like it understands you—they understand style. You, after all, seeking style, how you function fashion, is how you style it, right?

There’s no deny that we’re approaching fall with the sadness in our hearts leaving summer that was kind of short to all of us, we want it so bad, but after a great entry from fall we’ll also gonna welcome it with big blankets and live like there’s nothing more important than it, it’ll be a significant layer importance every day.

Thus, I found Thakoon speaks to the very near future version of me, giving fresh ideas that I need to index for further notice, like you have this and this and mostly that, why don’t you layer this on top of that (which is something that I never did) and you’ll feel brand new!

In the first days of fall, you could stick to your light dresses with the addition of sheer socks and loafers —which I call it the winter version of babouches, that were a statement on the show and should be in your sleeves. After a while, the degree level goes up and you also in the same direction—more layers. Still wanna give those light dresses a shot in the upcoming breeze and also don’t want to just throw your summer wardrobe for the sake of a breeze, you layer it, add more definition, you throw a cardigan on it and your ready. More temp. more layers, happy as a clam.

You want to mix it up and wear that dimensional ruffle skirt with a tuck of your sweater, add socks for calf muscles warmness but also styling —two birds with one stone.

So it’s freezing, you want to be warm and stylish, you can wear your Zara satin dress with a lace hem underneath you sweater, skip pants and wrap that giant gingham jacket around your waist and your hips will never feel warmer. Do the same with a gingham dress because you just wanna feel much more grungy, or wear your whole wardrobe like there’s no tomorrow because, my lady, you can wear your wool blazer, skirt, top, gingham cape and another jacket on top of it (at Thakoon, cape and jacket is one piece) in one hell of a look.

Thakoon Images.

MIU MIU Crystal-embellished satin and shearling mules
Shoe crush


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