How To Find The Best Pieces At Zara Sale

How To Find The Best Pieces At Zara Sale

Sales time is one of the best things I enjoy in the summer. Zara sale time is the best! You already know why. The best of the best is getting a perfect pair of shoes at Zara because it’s never that easy to find a good fit at a fast-fashion store, but love me some bargains.

What I’m going to share now is what I think is the best tip for finding the best pieces at Zara sales. It’s that strategy I apply, and I want to share with you to find Zara stuff before everyone else or before they sell out.

Simply, you literally will shop Zara worldwide.

Let me just talk about the basics. Your country’s site doesn’t/never have all the items that are in the actual stores. And I bet you won’t go to every store you have in your city! Been there, done that. 7 stores in one day to find a piece. Learned the hard way.  That was before Check Availability invention.

When you first enter, Zara will automatically send you as a customer to your local shop. So if you looked at the link, you’d find it, e.g., /us/, or /uk/ and so on. And every country is another market. You won’t find the same pieces in each country’s shop.

The chances of finding a piece you loved on a French blogger on the USA Zara online store isn’t impossible, but you probably won’t find Zara US showing it on the online store because it doesn’t sell as much there. For that specific reason, and to see everything that Zara sells, do this shopping hack:

1. Change the country abbreviation to the store you want to shop at.

Espania is one you should look at (duh), France and Italy are always on my list. You can apply this rule according to your style since Zara speaks to every market in its own language. If you like French style, go to France’s shop! If you like it a bit Scandinavian, go to Denmark and so on. E.g., rewrite to

2. When you do that, a window will pop-up says: You are accessing this website from the USA. Would you like to visit our website in the USA? Yes, go to the website for the USA. Or No, continue on the site for France. Obviously, we choose to stay on the same France page.

Now you’re browsing France’s store. Score some pieces and open them on other tabs.

3- In the opened tabs of your favorite pieces in a country that’s not yours,  enter the link and change the country abbreviation on the link back to your country’s abbreviation, and click enter. This will direct you to the same page but in your local shop with your currency. And if you can order it online or check the store availability to go pick it from the store! Et Voila!

And that rule applies to all the international stores. Thank you, Zara, for making me hustle for a pair of shoes. Or a pair of linen pants.

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