how to get rid of blackheads

Here I confess, I Use the Blackhead Removal Tool

Since I moved to Jeddah, I become more aware of my skin. The weather here is so dry and my skin always alerts me with the worst group of pimples on my chin, or some blackheads on my nose when I don’t take care of it. I’m lazy in general when it comes to skin care, but I always say that I don’t have the time. If you are like me, the chicest way to say it “I’m gentle with my skin, and I watch how it will react to one product at a time.” It has some truth to it, but I’m just really lazy.

My blackheads, on the other hand, has been with me for the longest time. I’ve delt it for ages and know what will work for it, and what not. Blackheads are usually clogged sebaceous glands, so it’s just deep channels that catch oils and dirt and need deep clean to clear it.

But seriously, can you get rid of them for good?

No. There’s no way to get rid of blackheads on nose permanently. If you skipped deep cleansing your face, it will appear again. I use a cleanser for oily skin, and it doesn’t do anything to it. The thing is that these oils and dirt on my nose block other skin products to work its magic. So what I discovered is there’s nothing works like a blackhead removal tool if you want to get rid of it by yourself. Yes, you can use wet gauzes to remove your black heads and it’s a safer way to do it but the use of this tool is easier for me. No one is talking about it properly. And I feel if I talked about it, I will be breaking the skincare rules somehow. Nothing else works except, facials and Isotretinoin of course, which I never recommend to anyone with just blackheads on nose. Yes, I’ve been into the Isotretinoin ride, but that was on my teenage years due to severe acne problem. It was also the years I saw my nose pores the cleanest after the treatment. I also don’t recommend to cancel your monthly aesthetician appointment to do this instead. But if you are in a hurry, or want to skip it this month because you decided to save some money for that Baguette, this can be a solution.

How to get rid of blackheads

My best option now is the blackhead removal tool. It has a strategy on its own to get the best benefits from it. This is how I use every week (or week and a half). I go to the steamer— As I said before, I do most of the heavy skincare work in the steamer. It is my alternative visit to a facialist because I feel it’s more efficient to my whole body… and my wallet.  That’s where my skin welcomes anything with open pores. So I am also very careful about it.— I gently wipe with the tool across my nose to get the dirt and oils out. I barely use any force as the steamer does  all the work and kind of melts all the dirts. Also, I run the tool across my chin, because I have a labiomental crease which has the same skin type as my nose.

I have to be extra careful with using the blackhead removal tool, and choose one that works best for my skin as I had broken capillaries from the extra use of it years ago, when I was obsessed with using it every other day. Learned the hard way.

The loops shape

There are two different kinds of loops in the blackhead removal tool, one is flat and very thin and the other is a thicker, more rounded shape. The easiest to use is the latter one. As you can use it to scrape a bigger area of the skin with less effort and more results. I used to use the flat loop, but when I discovered the thick one, there was no return. I also have to mention that it can come with a needle side, do not use this side for anything, it just looks too scary from its shape.

After I run over my nose until I find a little to no dirt comes out in the tool, I use a clay mask to cling on the excess oils. I use the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay mask and the result is always a smooth skin, better, a smooth nose, which if you have oily or combination skin, you know it is the dream.

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