How To Get Your Shit Together During the Quarantine

After two weeks long holiday spent with family, I felt like I’m dragging myself to get back to the routine I managed to establish during this quarantined time. All I want to do is set on a chair and do nothing, which was kind of what I did on this holiday and it was marvelous, but I started asking for how long! I could have taken a month to do nothing. But there’s a part in me that desires to do a bang-up job in my works, and really wants to beat the other part that says “just, more 5 days, ok?”

June is my birth month. And as I’m turning the big three, O this year, I’m very much into becoming my best self, prioritizing good habits, and creating value for myself and others. So I got excited to practice these few easy ways to get my shit together again:

Create/rediscover your productivity playlist

I started creating my work playlist at the beginning of December 2018, when I redesigned my website to the look it has right now. My playlist is a mix of light, fun French songs that I can’t understand much to be focused on while working. I have tried different genres, but I always get back to this one as I find myself more energized and productive while listening to it. It just makes my work time feel more controlled, and I think that’s because it’s the same playlist that I accomplished something big as developing the website, so my mind always recalls this time and everything feels doable. So, create your list or take your time to remember the tracks that you felt productive while listing to it. I can’t emphasize this method more, it simply works.

Enter the planner world

I first entered the beautiful stationery planner world at the beginning of the quarantine. And I had no idea that it will help my self-discipline this much. I’m not talking about the to-do list that you can make daily, I’m referring to hourly setups, to-do lists, home planner to tidy up space, professional planner that has different layouts for my editorial planning to social media. Meal planner, and weekly food and exercise log. Monthly layout, and budget planner. Long term and short term goals and journals…etc. If you start organizing one area in your life like that, you will want to organize all the other parts. It makes it easier to recognize all the month in one look in front of you to keep your professional and personal life manageable. One of my very calming habits now is to design my weeks and month layout ahead with gel pens and quotes stickers.

Make your space your biggest project

I’m dedicating a lot of time in my day to search for inspiration around the web (mostly Pinterest) for my space. I also have a designed journal for the project. To know what I like most, the pieces needed purchasing, the budget for the whole project, and if there’s anything required fixing or design. You can start at a lower phase with just cleaning up the mess in your space, decorating your home and give it a new life, or creating a home office with a minimum budget, the world is your oyster. Clearer space for a clearer mind and life.

Take self-care to the next level

I’m not giving a lot of time to this, but I know one new step a day can make a difference. Yesterday, I tried a new face scrub and felt energized. Today, I will try a new makeup look, just for fun! On the day before, self-care was about chilling and watching a movie I wanted to see since forever. These actions make me feel more excited to complete all the work and tasks every day.

Now to you, share your good habits that help tidy up your current quarantine life.

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