How To Make Your Home Cozier During Quarantine

How To Make Your Home Cozier During Quarantine (I Know You Already Baked)

April's goal: Make my home somewhere I would like to quarantine.

We do it all from home these days. We work from home, eat, poop, make calls, meetings, and repeat it all. It’s important to have a sense of sanctuary in this home, don’t you agree with me? There are so many things you can do it even if you aren’t an avid DIYer, or a decor savvy to make the move yourself. First thing, you need to see the Silverline about the quarantine and consider it as an opportunity for home improvement. I see a dramatic makeover for rooms and bathrooms in Tiktok, and can’t believe how they do it. I go through some innovations myself, but I can’t for example, make a new bathroom like these girls! I’m not allowed in this home anyhow. So here are some decoration ideas that will help you achieve a cozy home. First thing first:

Think about this

The cozy living Danish concept “Hygge” is what I approach. Think about what makes you comfortable. Go through your IG Home saved folder, you don’t have one? then go through these odd photos you screenshotted once, and see the details in it. You’ll find what your eyes like to see and what your mind prefers to be surrounded with.


Rethink your sofa cover

I just purchased a white sofa. And because it’s challenging to have kids around it, like my little bro. I’m considering buying another cover in dark grey or blue in a richer texture, like velvet. If it’s a hustle for you, buy a new throw and call it a day. The power of these details, even the smallest, can’t be underestimated.


Think chairs, really

I have a thing for chairs. I love the different characters can you feel from a chair. It makes the whole room speak somehow! And I’m considering a few from Frtiz Hansen, the Halyard chair, Brutus office chair, and the Togo chair in blush! Think about chair that would be good for work, lounge and sleep. Yes, it exists.


Create a sunroom! Yes, It’s doable

Whether you have a balcony, a front porch, a big backyard, or even a window, it’s great to rethink it and decorate it. Getting fresh air right now is so important. All you need is a plant, a chair or bench, maybe an old sofa with a throw on. Add a table, some plants, a bowl of pasta, and imagine yourself in Itlay.


Reorganize your decoration objects

Swap the kitchen decor to the living room, and vise versa. You’ll feel like you have a completely different vibe and think why the hell I have never thought about this before.


Rethink your color palette

If I asked you right now, what’s your home color palette, can you answer me? I bet the first color that will pop in your mind is grey or white! To solve this, think of a color you love, incorporate wood in the small objects, like side tables, consoles, picture frames, and combine the color you chose with the wood in some decoration items like pillows, vases, and art pieces.


Make some art and hang it

You decided to make some art in this quarantine time. Continue doing so because, by the end of this quarantine time, you will find yourself with the most artful wall. You would love to have a drink and sit to just look at it. Pick your theme, and start from there. My theme is “no theme”.


Surf the internet

For vintage and weird pieces. Incorporate them with the theme you have decided to go through. The odd pieces will grab the eyes to it. Pick what you love most, the options are endless.


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