How to Structure 3 Acid-Wash Denim Outfits

Our modern commitment to clothes commands us to declare innovative ways of reusing it. If you appreciate all forms of design, you’ll find yourself collecting these vintage pieces even if you can’t see yourself wearing them immediately. Like this vintage skirt suit that I lifted from my mom years ago, because I believed it efficiently and sustainably indicates a lot of things, but mostly coolness—the pieces scream it without any excuses, but also does it casually.

I get a hundred moods every day. This April, I really can’t omit the idea of how the “architect” inside of me should be, wear or think. I don’t do anything differently, but I just can’t surpass the personalities I have every day, I rather observe it. The characters I love to indulge in when I try something I like enough not to change. How my mind works around the idea of style.

For that, I took notes of how I came up with each style for three different days I only wore the mentioned vintage suit in. It was fun experiencing the depth of my style, and how it evolves from one day to the next. And how I personally adapt to the new and to the very old looks. Each look has its own unique features and shows more opportunities.

On April 13, I choose denim as my natural material, but I needed something more robust than the typical denim. Therefore, I choose the acid denim skirt without its jacket. Between the two feelings that it delivers, hard on texture with softer form and details, I wanted to add a line of fun. So I went with a black square heel/toe glitter black shoes. Then I needed to offset this bottom and actually show it more. You know that rough feels rougher by contrasting it with smooth materials. So a white t-shirt works best here. I also wanted to add a red detail. A warm subject that literally feels spring and drags your eyes to the full look.

On April 14, I wanted to bring a touch of luxe. I wore the full suit to visually reconnect us to the Eighties. It has sequins details on one of the pads that reflect the lights perfectly, grabbing the eyes to the little details of it. I wore it alone to achieve a slightly irregular sight. I choose to wear Converse with it, a surprising integration of old and modern elements.

On April 15, I wore the jacket, the most dramatic feature, and interlocked it with white pants while maintaining a clean modern aesthetic to the rest of the look. This concept allowed me to not overthink what I will add to my feet, so I decided to wear my everyday slides. And within the dichotomy of natural elements and a geometric suit. I believed I achieved a lasting impression of remembrance for each viewer.


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