How to Style a floral ruffled shirt

How to Style a Floral Ruffled Shirt


“I want to look smashing today.”

Those words came to my head when I looked at myself in the mirror while washing my face, took a deep look to that foamy face and said it.

That smashing feeling is vital for everyone, we want the difference to break that routine of your original everyday self, restart and refresh, like you want to be a better smashing version, that simple! That’s what I’ve been doing for a while now, dressing differently but not have to buy anything else.

For me, achieving that would include layers of everything I have in my closet and volumize everything I regularly wear! like going to the max with what you already have, layers of accessories, clothes, skincare, but not makeup, I barely do makeup now. The variations I did here was noticeable for me, instead of a white button shirt I wore floral ruffled shirt that I’ve since 2014 that only worn twice, ensemble it with that camisole that I bought from H&M at a sale time with my best friend that I too, only wore it under jackets before, I don’t know why the hell I didn’t wear it like this or under a shirt before!

For legs, I wore that cropped ruffled jeans with slides, because my lady, I can’t wear anything else but slides these days, proved by another ballerina day that I couldn’t handle. Added accessories to it, my headband that I never wore on my head, hoops are essential in this method, layer necklaces, oh now I feel smashing!

How do you achieve SMASH for yourself?



Wearing: Shirt and Jeans: Zara, Slides: Birkinstock, Camisole:H&M.


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