How To Style A Pull & Bear Mom Jeans

How To Style A Pull & Bear Mom Jeans

Are you a mall person!? to be completely honest I love wondering at malls. Especially at sale times. I mean who doesn’t feel that she won the Jeopardy when she gets her hands on an item she wanted for a long time with a 70% off!

While I was scrolling the mall with my other set of fingers. I found myself fed up with all the stores I usually buy from. So I stopped at Pull & Bear, though I never was a fan. A part of me entered to find cheap beach items. I never really got anything from Pull & Bear.

I couldn’t find any of what I was looking for, however, my eye landed on white-washed mom jeans that I wanted for a while now, a year maybe, even more, and I couldn’t find any affordable pair this season but in Mango and I didn’t like the cut that much so I didn’t buy it. This one was really good. The cut is very minimal and straight. There’s no play at any side, there was only one pair my size which makes me wanted even more.

And it was $10. 10 freaking dollars.

How To Style A Pull & Bear Mom Jeans

How To Style A Pull & Bear Mom Jeans

I styled it with a plaid crop top that looks like two wide layers of ruffles who’d got an electric shock and wrapped around me in this condition. That I also bought at the Zara sale. The top is perfect for it because it elongates the legs and you can also add a belt for some fun which I didn’t this time, and I wonder now why… Ok, maybe I don’t need one.

I paired it with high heels beige sandals I bought on the same day from Oysho. Who would have thought that I could find a similar pair at Oysho! Oysho is doing great now. I found a couple of summery French tops that I couldn’t score somewhere else. It got that feeling into it you know, that—I’m not on the beach right now, but I know how it feels so I’m giving you this vibe to think that you’re in beach too, in fact, here’s you pina colada — kinda feeling.

I styled it all with curly hair, some accessories and no makeup, you already know the routine.

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