how to style a working from home office

How To Style A Working From Home Office

Most of us are in work from home situation. If answering the emails and zoom calls from the couch doesn’t cut the slate anymore. A home office space should be your next project. If you’re looking for work from home spaces setups, and want design tips to enhance this experience and to be more productive, you came to the right place.

Where is the new workspace place going to be?

I believe by this time, you already found a spot where you can focus on the most. If not yet, I suggest walking around the house a couple of times and search for a place that you mostly will be comfortable and can imagine yourself doing all the remote work. If you already have a desk in your space, hallelujah you just got to level two.

This space could be your dining room, a spot in your kitchen, or a corner you never used. Place a desk where you want and what feels natural to you. For example, I want my desk to face a window for a natural view, so I put it there. Some will like the window behind or placing the desk behind a fire space, or in a favorite corner in the home, whatever you want, it truly depends on your personal choice.

Think about natural light from every angle

A lot of spaces in the house can get moody. We don’t need. Think about your natural light source and how the desk will be positioned from it. Position your desk near a window. Bonus tip, if your desk is facing a wall and behind a window, and you’re so over creating a mood board on the facing wall (or you’re working in finance and really don’t need a mood board), having a mirror on that wall opposite the window helps to increase the natural light in the space and create a new mood for the whole space.

How to style the space, not only the desk

Decorating the space around you will boost your productivity. Create a deep filing cabinet, a shelf, a commode, and start styling it. When you choose your decorative pieces, ask yourself where you wanna go, what’s your mood? is it Sunday in Provence, summer in East Hamptons? do you want to go for mid-century mood or Scandinavian with a touch of art deco?

Create an oasis feel buy bringing beautiful greenery to the scene. One of the best design elements is to use wild, tall, freshly picked greenery. Three branches are the key to create a triangle position or a 360 view. Pick up your favorite tall vase and place the branches in it. This will set the mood in your workspace, the hight of the branches will create a clean dramatic effect.

Bring quirky little objects that will represent what your vision, and start assembling with some rules in mind. To balance the overall composition, bring styling objects like ceramics and decorative pieces that are in a much lower form the aforementioned greenery. Also, Place some artworks behind the objects to layer the space. Add personality by placing some personal frames.

Now how to style the desk

Clean your new desk from all the mess, and start with a clean slate. Now, add some personal touches on the desk. Bring a tray to contain all the elements you use day to day on a desk, like stationery, your favorite candle, a hand moisturizer, a lip balm, and some fresh flowers on one side of the desk. Be creative, introduces a couple of extra colors and textures, and try different techniques. On the other side, you can stack two coffee table books. If you prefer to work at night, think of a vintage table lamp. Finish it with adding your tech stuff and voila, start to work.


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