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The Sweater + Dress Combo Comes in The Most Normal Stylish Way

I’ve been taking a really insightful look into each outfit that stops me to really digest every piece. Think of me as this girl that has magical tastebuds, one that can recognize each ingredient in a recipe just by tasting it. And what I like to take more than one bite from today was (drum rolls please) the sweater+ silk dress combo. It is a very tasty plate. Just right for that chilly not very cold weather that I’m experiencing now to warm me up.

Although the trend last year was all about slip dresses on top, sweaters underneath. We’re normalizing our style this year (affected by a menocore trend maybe?). There’s a room to be wrong here (like any other recipe), but there’s plenty to be right. Because after all, it’s easy if you didn’t overthink it—Is this life talk, what was that!? It’s actually the easiest recipe you can make at this time of the year, doesn’t require many layers, but it has a space for creative decoration. And here comes the fun part.

I went down screen searching to find the best who made the recipe look and feels right to my eyes. It actually all started one day when I paused in front of this Camille picture to contemplate the great exterior. How did she manage to construct it very artfully!? I saved it for my “Things I wanna taste with my eyes &  build on my body” file.

Print wars👩🏼‍✈️

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Yes, that’s a Ganni dress (not a skirt). In fact, she wore it with H&M sweater and Mango boots here too.

That made me think of what I have on my closet. Sweaters? From chunky to very thin. Decoration: I’m a plastic maniac so I do have that on each color, size and shape. Dresses!? Yes but never in that fabric! The flowy, silk satin one! Therefor I couldn’t make it to the end. Or is it just a lame excuse!? I don’t have the base: Any silk dress. So I just keep dreaming of the moment that I’ll find a good one when I’m not even looking.

But it kept haunting me. I opened Pinterest, and here it is again, A perfect photo of Leandra at the last NYFW that I saved because I have the exact sweater color waiting for me to style it like that. She decorated her recipe with Miu Miu shoe, the dress itself was a construction aaaand a decoration at the same time. Smart double move Len. And we wont talk about Len’s accessories because that’s already a god gifted part of her body that we just have to fake and manually put it on from time to time.

Also today I made the ritual of seeing what’s new on MR and saw this post by Juliana Salazar making a case for this dress. The thing that I don’t have. Of all the dresses that I have in my closet, this one that I can wear daily; Summer, Spring, Autumn, and layer it in Winter, not only that I don’t have, I never tried to search for one.

You know what’s really good about this combo? The manipulation that your mind and body will believe that it’s not a dress to haul. It’s actually an easy skirt and a sweater duo! Your body will function upon this and your mind will follow.

She just did it great for me, and when she said the sweater and the sequins top are H&M pieces aka she knew how to decorate really good for  the holidays with a lower budget, I thought to myself, let’s talk about this here and now shall we!?

Last, I went to ITG to search for glitter creamy shadows because it’s the spirit right!! Happppppy holidays! And I ended up reading from where I left it the last time I checked it. I screamed when I saw Morgan Von Steen turned her head to red!! And if you’re already a follower of Glossier on Instagram, then you probably LOVE #yourdailyMorgan stories, and already believe she’s a close friend of yours!!! Morgan, your new head is holllllyyyyy Greeeaaattttt! And your damn look too. I mean sandals with fire nails in the sweater season!! To taste the Winter screaming Summer is just a paradoxical hot plate to my eyes. I’m warm but not suffocating thank you.

I’m in serious mode to search for a silk satin dress right now.


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