Mediterranean Summer Calling

When I was told that spring has officially sprung, I searched for something breezy in my closet to incorporate with my daily looks. And because I didn’t change my closet to spring yet. In one day, I wanted a simple casual look, that would say what I felt this day, a mood, another character, I tried different things and here comes Susie, a teacher, whom has a minimal lifestyle, but has an adventurous side that she shows in small details.

I wore a pair of white pants that I ditched for many years with a white top that if I wore alone with high-waisted jeans, I instantly feel French. If you just imagined the white top and bottom together, you would get a minimal look. When you throw on a beige linen jacket that I borrowed from my dad, add a funny pair of sunglasses, without forgetting about the hoops, the curly hair, and buttoning the first button, you will sense a maximalism hue in the equation.

Isn’t it great to find hope in every closet you enter? I’ve been wearing my dad closet since I can’t remember. But my previous looks were based on his old stuff. So when I found a matching set of linen hanging there waiting for me to style them separately or together, I had to step in. The linen jacket symbolizes an adventure on the horizon. I wrapped it all with a pair of Converse, but it doesn’t show in the picture. And if I had all the footwear on the world to choose from, I will proudly add a pair of beige clogs that will reflect this outerwear perfectly during the daylight.

I may be the only one that still doesn’t own a linen piece in this day and season. And when I took it for a test ride, it indicated a breathable, lightweight and versatile vision. So how would you wear linen this spring and summer? What is your favorite linen item? Anything new you feel from Susie? talk.

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