I Like Glitter Makeup, But I Love Glitter Eyeshadow

I’ve been out of the makeup game for as long as I can’t remember now. It’s not that I don’t like makeup, but I think I have reached the most minimal on my hair and face routine. Aka curly hair or topknot with absolutely no makeup hence turned me into a real maximalist in my full look. And vice-versa, If I took the time to do anything with my hair and makeup looks. Julia Roberts circa 1994 right there… mom jeans with a white shirt and everything.

I don’t wear any makeup, especially in mornings. I won’t say that I like the light feeling blah blah yawn. It’s just I don’t really think about it. Because I know if I thought about it, or if you decided to take my photo without my sunglasses on, I know I’ll be wondering why the hell I didn’t put some colors on! But I also like the light feeling blah blah.

The colors I incorporate in my face not daily or weekly but monthly are only the highlighter—can we call it one color? And pink blush, that’s two… so probably two lame, not colors I put on my face monthly.

So here I am talking about colors, getting into this whole creamy/glitter makeup/easy looking movements without any intention to make it as a trend. I’m one of the victims here! Those real energetic colors that I want to blend every day. The fun colors that I see on Pinterest and watch it for a 3 or four seconds before I hit save—you know that’s a lot on the internets time.

I really want to add colors to my daily beauty routine. I don’t know how I’ll get from zero colors (almost) to make the time every morning to add some colors and not look so much in my overall maximalist style. But let’s not be dramatic here, since we’re approaching this year with one thing in our mind—the 90’s— it’s just easy to swipe some glittery eyeshadow on our eyes and just walk the streets.

What I really like right now is the one color glitter eyeshadow on the lid. It feels so fun that you just wanna wear it at mornings so the sun can make it bling even more, and so sexy at night that you wanna just double wear it. There’s no blending, no fuss if there’s any, simply a highlighted lid to celebrate every day. Isn’t this just the fun life you’ve always dreamed of getting from one small pot? Isn’t it!? Isn’tttt!?

glitter makeupGlossier just launched different six eyeshadow that shimmer and sparkle on every cool lid. Yes, I want to try it all. But unfortunately, I can’t at the moment because they don’t deliver to Egypt… yet. But if you’re in a similar position, you can buy a Bourjois Intense eyeshadow —I’ve extrait 03, and it’s so glittery good—that I bought one time I had this party and I really needed an eyeshadow, without knowing that it’ll be the next big thing.

I also want to try the glitter pens as eyeliner! I’m having a glitter makeup moment here! I remember that I used to be obsessed with the turquoise glitter pen, put it under the lower line of my eyes went to every class with it when I was 15. Yes, exactly like this picture. I loved it so much that I was buying a lot of it at the same time, I think it was the first makeup item I’ve ever restocked. I wanna redo that look and play with it. That’s even better than fun itself!

And should I start speaking about what Violette do to me every time I watch her glitter pigmented eyes on Youtube? Here’s how I sum my feelings… this is precisely how I feel every time she swipes that rose gold glitter, foil effect eyeshadow on her lid.

Oh, here’s a video… of course. She says I love a healthy drama… Violette, I want to be able to achieve this kind of drama in my life.

Is it too wired for a non-makeup person to want a glitter eye palette now? If you’re wondering where to buy glitter eyeshadow, Huda Beauty is the answer, I guess. I’m. Sure.

Or or Katie Jane Hughes Instagram live videos! OMG, she makes me wanna throw all that talk about feeling light on my skin. Actually, I don’t think she looks or feels anything but light and colorful—what this whole post is about! I just love how she carries her skin #Skingoals #Eyesgolas going to the supermarket with this makeup is #lifegoals!

I just feel so whiny while I’m writing this like I don’t know if I’m just lazy, or seriously scared of being overly maximalist (if there’s such a thing) because for me it’s still either/or way. Either I wear all my colorful clothes with my more colorful jewelry. Or I wear basic stuff to be able to have my hair down, perfectly done makeup on. But I know I’ll get there. In the meanwhile, I’ll start wearing my Bourjois glitter eyeshadow like it’s the TIME.

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