I Rediscovered The 90’S Crystal Hair Accessories And I’m Not Looking Back

I think we agree on one thing here, that ’90s are here to expand. I mean have you seen Paris Fashion Week!? Chanel was the update of 1991 software. I didn’t have any problem with it, it follows only the things we can digest and love at 2019. Furthermore, it gives a green light for wearing a blazer on the beach without feeling off balance. That’s a trend I’ll follow from now until April hits again. And last but not least, it makes the yellow dress that I bought two years ago cooler for my eyes. I’m not falling consciously in these ’90 trends—I mean pairing only some stuff with my “oh so 2018 wardrobe”—I already filed the whole show under Your 2019 Summer Style

Since last August, I fell into the retro accessories gab. I’m dazzling myself only with crystal accessories and gold heavy chained belts now. And pinning it even more.

90'S Crystal Hair Accessories


I got two of these crystal pins in different sizes last month on a trip to a store that only had “made in China” labeled products. One of them is a poppy pin, and the other is a larger hair clip. A week before the highlighted Chanel show I wore the smaller pin in the featured image with the mentioned yellow dress aka the color of Chanel this season. A trend forecaster? I won’t call myself that in front of people and will say naaah if you said it to my face, but I feel pretty proud of myself anyway.

However, after seeing this girl on kids Zara editorial rocking it better than me, making me look so naive about my very impulsive purchase, I’ve decided to get back there and get another large hair clip to wear it exactly like her. Is she trendsetter? Definitely a cute one. Either it’s Chanel or Zara, I stop and look for styling ideas. It’s fun to play, so where are you gonna start today? Here? Now!

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