I Tried the Boyfriend Blazer Trend and Here’s the Rules I Applied

I Tried the Boyfriend Blazer Trend and Here’s the Rules I Applied

I have been thinking about how much I see and save stuff on Instagram and never utilize. A recipe here, a beauty trick there, or a look that I can get inspired from and copycat with what I already have in my closet—the challenge I lose myself in.

There’s a new wave of oversized full look I have been seeing everywhere, runways, Stockholm street style, and Instagram over the past season. The trend is getting recognized, people play with it in many ways that provoke me to finally stand and participate.

I analyzed how to play with this trend. And I came out with an easy method to apply. If you are lazy as moi or have second thoughts about it, please, join me. It’s so easy, like you love to get your body in a perfect shape, you want the perfect shape, but you need to build muscles first, so you start with the easy weights. This is what we do with styling oversize or boyfriend blazer. Therefore number:

1. Test the Water

A stolen blazer from your man closet is perfect for the experiment. You’ll know if you’re in for it to go deep or not. Or, you can test a new blazer you liked in stores! Either the way, never purchase until you are sure you’re fully in for it.

2. Dare to Not ThinkI Tried the Boyfriend Blazer Trend and Here’s the Rules I Applied

Don’t think about the size if you like a blazer enough to try. The blazer’s job is to be oversized. Dare to wear your man’s blazer even if he is giant. There’s no rule here. The bigger, the better. So all you need here is love for the silhouette itself, and gumption.

3. The Older, the Better

I found this one on my brother’s closet, and he stopped wearing it because it somehow shrunk on him. If you can score something vintage, or from your father’s old stuff. I guarantee you can walk the 2019 runway in it. That, of course, if you want to.

4. Blend and Break

As much as I talk about statements these days, this blazer isn’t out of the equation. I only thought about its color and what will work best for it. I assumed it would be perfect to ensemble another blue shade in the look. So I chose a pair of boyfriend jeans. Simple yet very effective. Then a rose velvet top as an innocent compliment that will separate between the two shades to make them perfect for each other, you feel me. If you yet can’t feel yourself in an oversized full look, try the blazer with your high waisted mom jeans. It’s less loose, and you’ll have a perfect contrast between the big top and fitted bottoms.

5. Don’t Rely on Bags and Shoes

I haven’t thought much about a bag or shoes, but I would actually wear my Birkenstock with this look (The Olsens influence). Or if I want to elevate it a bit, high heels sandals will do it for me. And if I ever thought about bags, you know I rarely do, it would be a vintage Fendi. Have you seen the new ad by SJP!? I was wondering since the last year Dior Saddle bag return when Fendi will make its move? Now, I can’t think of anything else. Anyway, there you go, that’s how I digested this trend, for now. Hope to see me in an oversized suite soon. Ohh, I honestly can’t wait.


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