In Front and Behind

Ahhhhhh, I hate to picture myself! even after all of the world getting more pictures of themselves and more selfies (including me sometimes), I just can’t get through it, and I’m a fashion blogger! god…

The reason you see me in outfits posts is just to send some sort of inspiration, an idea, and I think this is the only way to share my thoughts about styling, or visually the best even, I mean I’m not surrounded with a very fashionable people 24/7 eh, so it’s like I’m putting my thoughts in a one outfit at a time. Maybe I don’t mind to be pictured that much if there’s actually someone behind the camera! but at my home, all the work, behind the camera and in front of it done by me, okay a little help from a 5 years old boy doesn’t hurt too… so I feel a little narcissist about the whole idea if I’m in front and behind at the same time!

So when I see that my blog really really in need for outfit post (which I think it’s very important thing for my content, even if I’m not wearing it myself) i do it even if the picture don’t end up like i want to, if it’s a normal to good but not so so bad image, I’ll post it to prove a certain point of view or an idea, at the end its my world, and it’s not that perfect oh lalala Paris dreams all the times, this blog is more on the personal level, but still a community to share and talk about stuff we love and hate, so i don’t mind to show the ups and downs here too, and as my Instagram page proves as well.

So talking about the outfit for a bit, it’s what i woke up in, or what wakes me today, you know those days when you literally grabbed out of bed for some work and you blindly choose a two pieces to put on, the fur vest complete it for me as a transformation from a plain outfit, from just pair of jeans with knitwear sweater to -a put together chic to go outfit (the tuck does it job too). So, What do you think?

Note: I don’t want any comments about my sleepy head.


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