Inez and Vindooh took over Vouge Paris Instagram account yesterday in their second annual foundation gala (biggest night of couture week), it was at Palais Gallieria and while scouring the hashtag InezVindoodhxVogue I only thought about two things when I saw all the faces that I adore gathered in one place:

1/ A great idea of Inez and Vindooh to invite me over Instagram to be with them, but where’s my real invitation?, more important, where’s my face while I’m dancing with Emmanuelle, ha Inez!!?

2/ If I choose to sit over someone’s table/ lap —yes, I believe it’s a party and I can do that freely— I’ll be with Isabel most of the night, then singing with Lou, ending the night with spiritual talk with Daria, It’s my french night baby and I’m doing it in a french way.

So Who’d you choose to sit with!? I mean over! (apparently we all got out real invitation by now to ask such a question).


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