Non Boring Summer Outfits Ideas I Got From Instagram

The summer outfit ideas have been sliding into my Instagram discovery feed to affect me in some ways, one of the reasons is to update me with the latest trends. Another, to give me ideas I didn’t think of before. Even if Instagram provides me with a related taste of mine, I love to see between the lines to get a new detail, texture combination, or a silhouette creation out of it. For that, I thought it would be great to talk about some of the Instagram outfits ideas I saw and saved to my files.


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It is more of a trend idea rather than an outfit idea. The anklets shape over the pants is one of the most desirable trends I see around Instagram right now. Right after Bottega resort looks came out, the trend went wild. I noticed Pernille did it with a pair of jeans before the resort collection in one of her looks. Before that, I saw Solange with the same details in her video. And Zara did it even before in this editorial.

I’m not sure who started the trend, what matters is this trend can be probably/or properly followed right now with what you have in your hands. Strappy sandals, and any tall wide pair of pants. From here, the sky is your limits. Try a headband, a long gold chain or a stretchy fun band to get that parachute look-what I like to call it because I see the pants parachuting into the shoe! Which is a very cool idea to start with. And  monochromatic looks still cool right?


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My sister was just talking about this idea. She came to me saying “what’s up with the scarf skirt outfits!?” She loves it so much she wants a solution right now. The only problem she doesn’t have a scarf skirt. Thus, I told her to make one out of her long scarf. I’ve seen this many times on the beach and I like utilitarian pieces and scarves isn’t just scarves. The only problem is that I’m afraid of a gravity incident that will destroy this whole idea. Hence, a pair of linen shorts will be reasonable and much cooler underneath. A bucket hat will be perfect. A full white look is even more salutary in the summertime.


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An Instagram call is informing me that high waisted suit shorts are one of the main items you should think of when it comes to summer style. It’s the base item you can form like a dough. Wear them with the same shade of blaze (a couple sizes bigger if you want the same effect), a shirt will be perfect for work, and a tank top will be perfect for anything else. Strappy sandals, a pair of mules or slides will complete this look, here’s a cheat sheet of where to find the best sandals. Also, this is for you sis (she’s also crazy about this one).


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If you are into pants, and it’s what you get comfortable in, then this look speaks to you, only in a more summery way. I love the wide floral pants idea with a white breezy top (I know you have one), all paired with summer wedges and a cardigan of one of the summer colors if in case, you felt a little chill.

Featured Image: Rouje.

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