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Instagram Stories this Week

On Instagram, you can scroll or you can just click on one person’s story and make Instagram do the streaming for you, story after story, telling me how people I follow live these days, it’s interesting, even if you have a rainbow filter on it.

This week was all about:

Thanksgiving duh, happy thanksgiving yall!

Lots of food.

Lots of bellies after thanksgiving. No, wait, That’s just my imagination of what it should be like after all the food you’ve posted and probably devoured!!!

The bottle of wine that everyone is obsessed with Unlitro, what’s that about!!

The In-N-Out burgers lined with lots of potatoes after thanksgiving day, I think I need a burger.

Lots of dinners stories, more wine.

Everything is about the food, and I couldn’t be bothered, it’s not like showing a bag everyone is carrying around, it’s just food and for me, there’s nothing as too much on that. The problem is that you want to eat now even if you’ve just finished your breakfast, and I don’t have a problem on that, yet.

What’s most of the stories you see about these days? if it’s all about food, which I think it is? do feel hungry because of it all the time!?? most important, do you try to fight it!?


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