Weekly Celeb Replicate: Jennifer Aniston

On October 15, 2019, I found my stories feed bursts with a newly shared post of the cast of “Friends”. I clicked on one of the stories, thinking a fan page stole the photo from one of the casts accounts, but it turned out that it’s the first photo on Jennifer Aniston’s new Instagram page, I couldn’t be happier. Jennifer Aniston broke Instagram this day, and my reaction was just the same as many, participating in the sharing process to salute JA on the move she just did.

And in celebration for such a happy moment, I decided to dedicate this celeb replicate post to Jennifer Aniston’s best looks from the 90s and early 00s. In addition to the admiration we have had for Rachels’ looks last month—I have collected in one Instagram post when Ralph Lauren launched a collection inspired by the character, Rachel Green in celebration of Friends 25th anniversary if you want to save it—these looks will inspire your 00s fashionable part. Whether you love to watch Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt together—Brad is like the most applicable assistant for achieving the best look possible— or just here for Jennifer Aniston 90s hairstyle, you’re going to enjoy it. Remember her short hair in Friends, season 3? Sometimes, I’m watching the show just to see all the excellent transformations of Jennifer Aniston’s hair.

Jennifer Aniston’s outfits and street style have been nothing but a delight. While I was searching for these images, I found that young Jennifer Aniston took her dad to nearly every event she ever attended. She prefers neutral colors, mostly black in events. In her normal days, she likes to dress in a simple tank and comfy pants paired with flip flops, I know you do too, that’s why you’ll find some choices to pick from at the end of this post. I also enjoyed her formal chic attire in events, a great collection of trousers paired with light tops. Long skirts paired with scarfs, I know you tried scarfs wearing only around the beach, so here’s a new dimension of it. And a long leather jacket she succeeded to resemble in a far off look from The Matrix. The overall result is that I and you would wear this slideshow right now with a few adjustments, close a button there, change a crotch length there, and we’re done!

There’s a specific look of a black tank and a characteristic, three-dimensional geometrical black skirt she ensemble in a daylight event with flip flops, hair in pony tail. And then wore it another time in a night premiere with a satin small bag and stilettos heels, I would never forget this one. That’s also when Brad wore a purple clashing look. Normally, he would go with the same palette and feel. But I think he was so jealous of what she could accomplish with two pieces so he went nuts.

One of the most iconic looks of her is the Christian Dior dress at the 54th Annual Emmy Awards. The ankle-length of this dress is just MADNESS—Phoebe Buffay’s voice. It’s one of those dresses you try to search fora similar but and can’t find it anywhere. Also, the blazer on the skin at the 59th Golden Globes is HOzaaaareyoukiddingmeeehere. On September 10, 2000, she wore a strapless long red Prada dress at the 52nd Annual Emmy Awards with a small satin pearly bag that has a strap of the same color as the dress, I KNOW—Monica Geller’s voice. Plus there’s one look from Friends that I believe it’d be crucial not to share. Enjoy the slideshow, and tell me what are your favorite looks.


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