I’m gonna be honest with you here, it’s not even close to autumn here, we still have the heat very much as the summer—it’s 37° at the moment, yes—, which is something I am very happy about! but at the same time, I’m getting jealous by the layers I started to see everywhere on the internet you know! It’s like why everyone is starting to do that without me, even if I’m still in the summer mode! I started to look into my closet and saw these beautifully structured square heel lace shoes.

Suddenly, I just wanna wear this shoe right now!

I tried them on, after 10 minutes I couldn’t stand it, my feet was melting, I put it back in its place with the thought of “till we meet again.”

I took a photo of them till I wear them every day in the next month or so, hopefully!

So if you’re in this chilly weather right now, thank you for doing that alone without even asking me to join you, I thought we’re friends! oh yes, that crazy. And if you’re still in the heat weather, let’s slide away everydayyyyy!!


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