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Last Chance of Summer Style

I won’t say that summer is over because I simply believe it just not! c’mon support me here for a second, how I suppose to believe in that when:

– Times of going to the beach: You can count it in less than only one hand.

– Times of getting the perfect tan: Zero

– Times of getting the perfect slides this summer: Zero.

– Times of wearing what I really want (other than a good tee and jeans, but what really really what makes me feel Summer: You can count it on one hand as well.

So in this case I can’t find myself breazing the summer air to the max in those last days, I’ve arranged to eclipse the panic time, I mean, let’s face it I’ll stop searching for the perfect slides and start searching for the perfect boots instead (I know I’ll find it when I won’t need it though), I’ve been in the city for too long, it got all over me and if I only can fix it now there is one perfect solution which is: Dress like what I really want till it ends.

Some of you may ask, why don’t you do that already?? will, other than the fact that I really love my tees and my new cropped jeans, it sort of I already do but there’s some reaaaally really good items in a very dark place in my closet hoping for a last (first for some) ensemble chance to see the light of a breezy fresh day!

the sartorialist outfit ideas fashion paradoxes

What popped up the trigger of my inner self to  think about all of this stuff is of course the cyber world that I’m living in 24/7, and while scouring, I found what really represent me —in my complete state of my summer mind— like in the above image, the scarf, which has been the most used accessory for me even if I forget about all accessories some days —point that I couldn’t/wouldn’t/shouldn’t have forgotten honestly when I see her full-handed rings!— it’ll be there somewhere (my arms, my neck, my wrist, my ankle or my bag), on the other hand, the hat which I didn’t have a chance the whole summer to ensemble one and maybe that’s why I’m writing it all, it’s my little reminder to wear a perfect hat ensemble it with a short shirt-dress to unbutton the first couple and make the deep V-neck my motto these days. Simple as that.

And for these few days that I really want to show how cool I am but I’ve been hiding some from you (this is not true I’m so not, if I’m, I won’t be writing this) because I feel you and I get how hard for you it is to stand infront of you closet every morning with your both hands covering your face then graping your hair cause you really have nothing to wear, to cope with that I chose to inspire you and copying her outfit ideas with the perfect basics that shockingly will be found in every ones wardrobe but you only needed someone to show you the how to start the road, will, here it is, beige pants, relaxed shirt and pink it if you really dare, pay attention to three details that is what I’ll exactly copy and then add the rest of myselffff: the dropped crotch, add the belt and half inside half out shirt, anything else added from your behalf will work wonders I’m sure of that.

When you really think about summer these days, you’ll only think about what you’ll miss in fall/ winter days, and one of the main dreadful items that will be missed are dresses, light dresses that you could throw on like you don’t care about the next minute but in the same time you actually look so put together, can I rephrase that: how is it possible to be so fully dressed in just a light dress and a pair of slides!? okay I’ve couple of good dresses that I’ve worn but planning to wear more, it’s crazy and that’s exactly why I’ve been searching for ages about a hell of a good slides to add to the full image. Dammit.


I’ve talked last week about the impact of a good mini A- line skirt, to be honest I can’t remember the last time I wore a mini skirt, I mean how mini is too mini, you know, it’s another talk but she paused me here with her full look, like she’s messaging me: I know that I’m sexily easy-going and springily relaxed, I have a touch of Parisian rock-n-roll inside of me and I ain’t afraid to show it with silhouettes or colors. Delivered.

Raise your hand if any of you had bought a jumpsuit two seasons ago and never wore? guilty, but but, mine is in silk and that one is in khaki cool and looks more morning time that mine do… What!! there’s no excuse for what I’m shitting with now because really, if you love it (and I love mine so much), you’ll wear it no matter what, you make the rules or you don’t so with also one line, wear it because it’ll look good on you and lighter than you’ve ever imagined. Spend the time on what you’ll add to it, sleeves and legs details or layer a shirt underneath and wear it till fall, see I’m thinking about you all days everyday. And for me, I’ll not abandon my beloved white tee just because I wore it all summer long, it’s strongliy being there proving its point that it’ll last forever and will look more than what I can think if I’d ensemble some outfit ideas to it and carried my whole attitude with me.

the sartorialist outfit ideas fashion paradoxes

Now I’m mesmerized in front of this one for a couple of minutes now, A really good colorful pixelated pants (Dries of course), worn with vest that the zipper of it detailed in the same color. The paradoxes of thinking that is she really don’t care about this simple detail from her face expression—effortless face, or she has it all in mind —I’ll go with the last— anyhow, she got me thinking and that’s the good part of being cool enough to make people think about what you wear! adding the good hair to sum it all, but the real accessory here is the drink that will make me feel the summer more than anything, maybe I just need a good image like this one with really good pants and a cocktail in one hand to remember in the winter days how I enjoyed my summer time! K, that’s what Instagram is for hun.

Maybe all I need is rediscovering my closet and memorize all the moments, not only on those last days, but in everyday life, Cheers.

What about you, what are the last chances that you’ll take in those last summer days?

Images: Carolinesmode, Thesatrorialist, Vouge.com.

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