Let’s Talk Hair!

Hair… hmmm where can i start, for me, it’s always difficult to deal with my hair, it’s long, was soo long, like i had to cut to make it easier for me (just for that reason though i lovvveeee big natural straight cut hair, but i had to trim it a little bit and give it a little shape, but still there’s a lot to talk about here:

 -Wavy, Big, Frizzy, Thick hair
I know it’s not that thick, there’s thicker, but i just can’t wash my hair and blow dry it and go on the streets like it’s shiny and beautiful, No wake up Bitch!
(If i left my hair like that, there will be another head on top of my head), (and i never dyed my hair, never did ,never will, not in Egypt, specially not in Egypt omgg.. that’s just another subject that we’ll take another time)..
So for me i have to really blow dry it like “professionally” then decide if i well go with a little of natural waves or I’ll use the ceramic iron that i can’t live without and go straight, so after all of this blaaa, that just leave my hair so damaged with of course lot of split ends…
-My care routine
What i do for my hair is pretty simple, shampooing, conditioning and leave it for a couple of minutes, and voila done!
And if i wanna treat my self a little bit, I’ll use a Brazilian mask or (L’Oreal Elvive Instant Miracle cream, it’s soooo good and gives me the best result when i blow dry it), so i always look for repairing products, but it’s all just… eh,
-The best I can get
I want this magic formula that leaves my hair as natural as it can gets, (no need no heat) like i want it stronger/shinier/smoother/greater ends like the best i can get without doing any excessive chemical stuff like keratin for example, (i bought this magic bottle last week but i still didn’t get results, it needs a little time to see results and a hard work for me just to remember to put some)..
For me i don’t know shit about any good,  fancy products that leaves my hair like i want, but i know it’s exists, right? bottom line (I want Jessica Biel hair.Period.)
So did you reach your ultimate dream hair? What did you use (please tell me!) and How long did you search to get your best results? I wanna hear some stories!

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