colored eyeshadow
First of all, Do you like my collage!?

Lids Before Lips

Colored eyeshadow on your moving lid/ the full lid area could lead to something like… EFFING FUN!

Take Solange as an example idol, she wears it like no tomorrow, It not just a statement, in this state of no-makeup-just-clean-face that I’m in right now, I need to take it up a notch, like going out at night with something on my lids instead of nothing/or my lips. It gives the right amount of seduction you need, not too much as lips do because it’s not smokey but colorful, adding to that a pinch of fun, but am I daring enough!?
Do you like it? If so, Do you dare to take this fashion week trend into real life?
Pinterest and Solange IG Images Collection, Collage by me.

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