I missed yaa!!!!!

I know I lake posts and I hate it as much as any visitor will come here and see the blog, but I’ve been in this crazy roller coaster hectic life for quite sometime now, but I know it’s getting better by days, and to include you in (yes, you have to be in the crazy life as well) here’s what I’ve been doing:

-First of all, The new blog: It’s not going smoothly as I wished for, I’m still stuck in some errors I can’t solve on my own and no one around can, so I really want this huge abnormal wave to pass without any other complications, hopefully. #IgnoranceIsNotABliss

-Second, Family time: I’ve spent some time with my family in this hectic weeks (and family unawarely make life more hectic) which I can assure you it was the greatest time of my days and it was really easy letting go of seeing the -not so-bright side of the issues that I can’t solve on this new blog.

-Third: I finally made a commitment step and brought flowers, herbs and cactus to my place (YEEEE!!!!) and I think I’m a super gardener, I guess, so one dream: checked.

-Last: I think I’ll post more these days because after all, this is what I’ve been really missing this last couple of weeks, and I found out that regardless of what I do here, this blog is a huge part of my life that I now can’t live without, other than the fact that it really relaxes me to spend time editing, posting, and publishing on it, I feel not me without it, so no matter how things work on the new one, I’ll keep you updated and I’ll keep on fighting till the endddddd!! Oh yes…

I think you didn’t join my “crossed fingers” club after all, haven’t ya!?

If not, join now, and if you already in, cross harder.

I’m not kidding. Okay I am.


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