I think that no one missed the creations of Alessandro Michele at this Gucci FW collection, It was the biggest thing on Instagram and kept on coming 2 days after it, from the collection on the runway itself to the Tommy Ton photos of the details to the dream wardrobe that everyone got access to but me (what can I say, c’est la vie) and why it can’t be, everything in this collection was worth taking notes and work on myself to become this… I don’t know, pattern goddess!


If only there’s something to share here about this collection would be my mind brainstorming every single detail and memorize it, so I’ll write my notes here in case to carry with me to my patterned future, you’re my guests to take them, print it, and hang it in your wall, well that’s actually a brilliant idea!

  1. Sequin more. I’m a sequins girl but that collection made me like I know nothing about colored sequins.
  2. Colored tights. I may become the next Blair Waldorf if I could wear this, which is something good, I need to shake it a bit…
  3. I can wear all the patterns and prints that I have in my closet together cause it’s not that much and there’s nothing as much when it comes to patterns as been proved by Gucci.
  4. White Socks… I want a white sportive socks that cold be thick that I don’t need to wear boots all the time in winter right!!
  5. I can DIY all the fur cuffs on all my good pieces in different colors! Ooooh I’d love to do that! Gucci did it again, it’s time to think about it.
  6. I’ll find my suit and wear it again… maybe I should find a good curtains pring, be creative and make myself a good suit out of it.
  7. Collect every ring you have and wear all at once…
  8. Tessels coming from anywhere is good, incorporating it with hats is extremely good!
  9. Think about adding animals drawings to the clothes.
  10. That collection made me realize that I don’t have ANY ruffles in my wardrobe, nor oranges… nor green! guess I’m not that cool, eh. Whatever, I’m taking my notes now and thats a good start…

Images: Tommy Ton and Net-A-Porter.

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