L'Oreal INFALLIBLE Longwear Blush Shaping Stick review

That’s What I Used When I Started To Care About Blushes Again

I was on the hunt for an affordable creamy subtle rose blush, and I had no clue what is on the market. Because If I even consider blush, you’ll find me putting some of my lipstick on my cheeks. A beautiful memory stuck with me since I was a little when my mom and aunts used to go out and the three of them gather around the mirror, using the same brass brown lipstick shade, doing the exact same move: from lips to cheeks.

Then I found my mom upgrading her game to using the 4 pots in one blush book, all the shades together in the same stroke of a brush. Then later, I saw her being an advocate of the little Bourjois pot blush– the product I saw her finishing and restocking over and over again for ages. She was applying it on her cheeks, bridge of the nose and some on the chin and the center of her forehead. As shocking as this may sound, it gave a very subtle look for her freckleface. It felt like she just got sunburned in the most beautiful way. God the memories here makes me want to grab my blush and just apply all her methods. My mom isn’t light when it comes to blushes. Her cheeks screamed color! And for my post-teenage years, this used to be my method as well.

Like mother like daughter. Bourjois didn’t leave my bag or my pocket. It was one of the first makeup products that I was allowed to use. Then I ditched all the makeup in general. Then I stared again slowly. Which bring us to this time, searching for the makeup products that will only enhance my look in the most subtle way.

I surfed the internet because I didn’t know who does what I want, but I knew where to start my search. So I opened Allure for the best blushes for 2018, and I found the L’Oreal INFALLIBLE® Longwear Blush Shaping Stick. I ordered the Sexy flush because even the name defines what I want precisely. My sister was impressed when she tried it for the first time. It goes very smoothly on the skin then turns to this matte finish.

I apply it with my finger. So I don’t have to use a brush with the product, and it blends seamlessly on the cheeks. Pro tip: I once tried it on my eyes and it was really good. One word for it: it enhances any area you need to be enhanced on your skin, but in the form of blush.

L'Oreal INFALLIBLE Longwear Blush Shaping Stick review
L'Oreal INFALLIBLE® Longwear Blush Shaping Stick
In a Nut Shell
It gives the flush look that you've always dreamed of. It goes very smoothly on the skin then turns to this matte finish. I apply it with my finger, so I don't have to use a brush and it blends seamlessly on the cheeks.
Long lasting
Easy to use
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Best for a natural finish.
Blends seamlessly.
For some people, this shade is very light. And unfortunately, there are only two shades and the other shade is not pink, so I hope for a darker pink color by L'oreal.
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Long lasting
Easy to use
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