MANGO Opens in Lisbon and I Attend it Through their Stories

So Mango opens a new flagship store in Lisbon, and I find a couple of pictures in their IG account telling me exactly this but between the lines: Every cool influencer and blogger is there, so if you wanna check what they’re doing now, check our stories, or not and miss it all forever. Bye.

I rushed up to Mango stories to see what’s happening, you see, I’m not that kind of people—someone who’s eager to see what’s happening in each party or see what x says and how y looks. But this day I was in the mood for it, plus, who doesn’t dream of becoming in the #MangoGirls gang because it appears to be FUN, I do, I really do, Mango is doing it right these days.

Why I’m telling you all of this because I was smart enough to screenshot those stories to have it as a reference here. In case you wanna attend a party or a dozen these days, so you can find yourself on one of those looks.

And of course, I’m not gonna leave you hanging here dreaming about any piece you love! Here it is! Have a good day, gonna have dinner now, and try not to overthink those pink satin slides until I’ve my hands on them.


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