I’ve Been Following the Menocore Trend Since Forever Without Even Knowing

I’ve been following this no trend for quite some time now. Baggy khaki/beige pants and a tee is something I never really take off. I loved how I feel on this cloth, I love how I look because of how I feel. A wear that is never boring for me.

Neutrals are the most important element of this feel. It could go like that; something  normal, vintage, something linen, and a straw bag if you want. Then add reds and blues for little touches and plastic accessories because of the fun of it. Not to forget gold simple jewelry that looks like you never take it off.

People like Pernille Teisbaek are expert in it. The normal being worn in the most stylish way. It begun with dresses with me, but it wasn’t the dresses that I was looking for in particular. It was the comfort. Linen on all over my body and that’s it! And I feel Ok with just that. Nothing to think about here, it’s real, fresh and easy.

A trustworthy site like MR referred to it as Menocore. That was the time when I knew it is something. It exploded in my head and everyone else. This thing now has a name, everybody is going on the same wave of it, but in his own mind as well. So it’s also fun, the word adds a new fun to the whole experience we’re living every day. And if it’s incorporated into our daily routine, then we’ll all absolutely follow. The Menocore trend is not something new that we all feel just now; it was there since forever but now like everything else, we’re expressing it with no shame. And damn we feel good about it.

And you know what’s the best part of the Menocore trend? That I can wear my wrinkled top without feeling bad about it.


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