One of the trends that was there in a huge way is messy hair, in different kinds and shapes, it’s like all the girls came from the bed to model and go back to sleep again, it will be my pleasure to apply this look in my life, wait! that’s my look already! Mom go crazy every time she see my hair, cause really for her, i can’t even set at home like that, for me, it’s good to skip another thing from my daily routine and almost do nothing at morning.Like if you already have the perfect messy smokey eyes from your last night eyeliner, and you slept with your braided or knotted hair (just don’t touch it in the morning it’s very tricky i’m telling you, it’s also not that easy to do natural messy stuff, french want you to think that, but no.) The only thing left is your skin cleansing routine and volià! You just woke up like that! For real.

Michael Kors
Michael Kors

Images via Vogue Uk


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